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Breathe easy knowing your new housemate has been fully verified through Roomi. We conduct both ID verification and background checks to keep you, your housemate, and your short-to-long-term room rentals safe. Your roommate search just got easier with Roomi’s free, flexible roommate app.
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Roomi has thousands of verified housemates looking for rooms in your area. Filter your search to find your ideal “roomiematch” who wants what you have - whether it’s a short or long-term listing, month-to-month lease, or a furnished room. Get specific about what type of housemate is needed and use our roommate finder to choose your perfect roommate’s age or gender. Check out roommate profiles to see if they have pets, how often they clean, and what their habits are like. We’ve got all your preferences covered in just a few clicks.
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Create a room listing in just a few minutes so potential housemates can learn about you and your rental. Don’t worry, our roommate app keeps your private information (like location!) private forever. Tell housemates why your room listing is unique and looking for a roommate will be over in a snap.
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Positive testimonial about Roomi
Adam Pearce
Roomi is a quick and easy way to find a trustworthy roommate compared to other outlets. Nice to have an app that emphasizes security and provides quality service.
Positive testimonial about Roomi
Sally Robson
Put my room on Roomi and found multiple cool peeps interested in my apartment. Best of all, they had profiles I could easily vet before showing the room…
Positive testimonial about Roomi
Kelly Pearce
Couldn't be happier with my new roommate and Roomi's customer service.
Positive testimonial about Roomi
Jessica Hillier
This is a great app! Lots of potential roommates and I found one from the 4 who applied!
Positive testimonial about Roomi
Brad Grates
Roomi was spot on. I was able to find a place within two weeks of me first using the app. I found a clean and affordable place just outside of NYC. I am thrilled about how things worked out!
Positive testimonial about Roomi
Eva Jackson
Finding a good roommate is hard. Roomi really helped me through the process and helped me find the best possible roommate. I would definitely recommend the app for anyone looking for a roommate.
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Check out what happy housemates and room finders have to say about the ease and simplicity of our amazing, free roommate app. Meet your perfect roommate today!
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